I’ve never tasted such sweet pain ..

How can the lips that please me

Pour over me such agony?…

WHY must I feel as the Eiffel Tower..

To be cast down into the pits of hell.

Predictable normal pure repetitive chaos ..

I’ll continue giving my blood ,

And sweat and heartache ,I’ll keep

My body in pain and my bones tired ..

I’ll keep my dark lonely soul to myself

I’ll smile for you through my demise

I’ll make YOU a bed of roses

As I retire to my bed of THORNS..

All along I still know and see

EXACTLY what your made out to be

-whom god hath promised


Ella es paranoica

The health of your mental please

Who is the deciding factor?

Your diagnosis from my hypothesis

Who’s god? Us or the doctors?.

Sneak around ,cameras

Just because the noise is too loud

For every single one to view .

The health of your mental please

Normalcy, the forgotten painless joy

He wants to be him she, her

Whirlwind of adult girls and boys .

They watch,entice,snicker laugh

“Watch that one ” as there heads fall back

Indulgence of sanity, a medal , a brass .

-whom god hath promised

The dark tower

what do you really see within the slippery and ever vicious grasp of humanity ? What’s normal? What is beauty ? Who is the truth and who is the wolf in sheep’s clothing? Trying to take away our homes with violence of freedom. Freedom feels like pure chaos and to be restrained is disgustingly peaceful. Peaceful suicide if you will . Searching just to find more directions to search more forever searching ? Who?why where?how ? I don’t even want to know , I just want to enjoy the journey , love hard and smell those roses I love so much.

-whom god hath promised